Deleteing yourself from the internet is a thing – Here’s how to do it

Deleting yourself form the internt – In this article, we have outlined a basic roadmap on how to get control of what information about you is available online. If you want delete your online presence, read on.

Remove Your Personal Details From Search Engines and Data Collection Sites

The first place anyone looking for information about you would likely try is a search engine, especially Google. So you should search for your name in not only Google, but also Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine available in your region.

Remove Outdated Search Results

Assume you want to remove a webpage that contains personal information about you. Like your former employer’s staff page, even months after you’ve left. You contact them to request that they update the page. They do, but when you Google your name, the page still appears in the search results despite your name being nowhere to be found when you click the link. This means that the previous version of the page is still cached on Google’s servers.

Clear Your Online Shopping and Browser History

Every time you shop online, you leave your financial information on the site and a mailing address, too. These sites, if breached, might reveal a host of personal and sensitive details about its shoppers.

Delete Email Accounts & Blog Activity

To truly stay deleted yourself, your email account has to go. This is an important step, as your email contains a lot of personal, financial, and trivial information about you.

Avoid Smart Devices and Restrcit Your Phone App Permissions

Most of our devices are smart now, meaning they come with multiple functions. This is an easily overlooked flaw, as they have mics and cameras that can listen and record you installed in them. To accomplish your goal of total anonymity, your Alexa, Ring, and other smart speaker devices have to go. You should also aggressively restrict the apps that have access to certain permissions like location, mic, the camera on your phone.

Use Internet Privacy Companies and Sites To Scrub Your Data

Certain internet sites provide features that help in searching and cleaning overlooked data.

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