Play with this cat through an interactive YouTube chat

Amuse a lazy orange tabby cat by using YouTube live-chat commands to dangle a fuzzy toy and serve up treats.

You really can’t go wrong with a live YouTube video titled — in all caps — “PLAY WITH A CAT AND FEED IT ONLINE 24/7.” This is what the internet was born for. What you get is a live feed of a corner of a room containing two automated cat feeders, an LED light, a cat condo and a fluffy toy on a string. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get an orange tabby cat.

The YouTube live-chat feature lets you control what happens on-screen. You can use commands starting with “/play” to move the toy around. Color commands change the LED light.

Russian software engineer Alex Ulitin started the live feed earlier in October and Boing Boing brought it to our attention on Tuesday.

The cat roams free, so it’s not constantly on the screen. A monetary donation made through the Super Chat feature triggers the release of a small amount of kibble from one of the dispensers, which may tempt the fuzzy critter to step into the frame. The cat can also push a button on the floor to dispense food for itself.