Content Distribution: One of the Biggest Missed Opportunities in Marketing

If there’s one thing I know about marketers, it’s that the best ones are always looking out for ways to improve their strategies. They do everything they can to stay on top of trends, find and use the right marketing tools, and know their limitations and find partners to help when they need it.

Recently, 56 percent of marketers said they outsource at least one aspect of their strategies, and of those working with outside partners, 47 percent of them said they outsource content creation. And it looks as though it’s working: Seventy-eight percent of marketers reported that improved content creation was the biggest contributing factor to their success in the last year.

Now, I realize I might sound biased when I say that’s good news, but honestly, it’s always a promising sign when companies recognize what they need help with and find the right partners to give them a hand.

The thing about content creation, though, is that your efforts can’t stop there. You’ve got to constantly find new, powerful ways to get that content to the right people because that’s how you truly engage your audience and get the most out of your efforts.

Distribution Deserves More Attention

Unfortunately, only 50 percent of marketers credited their success to content distribution. Of course, this might mean that everyone is already really awesome at distribution, and there’s nothing more to learn or do to improve. But I suspect that lower percentage is less an indicator of excellence than it is a lack of focus on this important part of your content strategy.

Success in content isn’t an accident. It’s the result of careful planning, not just around the kind of content you create and how you create it, but also in how you distribute it to your audience.

At Hartman Technology we are constantly coming up with new ideas on how our clients can distribute their content. It can be as simple as creating a blog and distributing it on their current social media platforms. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you distribute your content to your audience and create more traffic to your website.

Information for this article was originally posted by Forbes