Does your company utilize QR Codes and NFC? Should you be?

On an interesting note, Apple has built a native QR Code reader into the camera. I know what your are thinking, Androids have had this feature for years. Many notables have deemed the QR Code as dead, but the addition of a native QR Code reader in iOS 11 could make us believe otherwise.

As noted by TechCrunch:

QR codes have been declared “dead” repeatedly by analysts and tech media, but Apple building it into the iOS 11 camera (and enabling it by default, as they have done with pre-release builds including the current GM candidate) has the potential to resuscitate the tech and even make it mainstream in North America, even though all past efforts to do so have come to nought. It’s still an undoubtedly useful technology – there’s no other way to quickly and easily build the equivalent of ‘real world links’ into objects and signage.

Although, it seems that you may be behind the curve, maybe you may have waited just long enough. Hartman Technology has assisted many of our clients in developing software that utilizes QR Codes to help automate business processes.

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