3 Signs You Need a Technical SEO Audit

As reported by Business 2 Community – 3 Signs you Need a Technical SEO Audit

Sign #1: Your search rankings have fallen off.

If Google visits are drying up and you can’t pinpoint a reason why, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. Some of the most basic technical problems with your website can be easy to miss with the naked eye, and they can cost you dearly in rankings.

I reviewed one website to find a team member had renamed a file folder using two words, introducing a space into the URL path. The potential for corrupt files, broken links and general mayhem all around was big enough to cause alarm.

Just moving from the first page to the second on Google’s listings can result in the loss of thousands of visits per week. That’s likely to translate into a big drop in inbound leads, and could eventually cause your sales funnel to dry up. In other words, seeing your site disappear from the search listings is not a situation you want to ignore while hoping things will improve.

Sign #2: You’ve launched a new website, and want to be sure it was built correctly.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve got a great deal on a website redesign. It looks great, but you aren’t sure how skilled the designer was around SEO or website development best practices for that matter.

responsive-webfont-iconOver time, updates to plugins, new content and new staff can worsen underlying coding issues. An experienced team to root out issues early on and help you find the kinds of problems that not only slow down your website and cause errors, but also affect your search visibility.

Sign #3: Your SEO isn’t 100% sure they caught everything (or you aren’t).

SEO is tough, detailed and unforgiving. Many search consultants are good at finding keywords, tweaking content and ordering citations, but lack deeper technical experience needed to dig into the coding side of things. In that case, they may recommend an in-depth website audit to look for well-hidden problems.

Or, you might want to have someone do it even if your SEO advisor doesn’t bring it up, if you get the sense they could use a bit of help. In either case, an in-depth audit can help uncover issues that editing content or rewriting page titles can’t fix. Then, the additional time, effort, and money you put into search engine optimization becomes more likely to pay off.

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