Net Neutrality: How It Will Change the Internet

Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality – Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon may soon be free to block content, slow video-streaming services from rivals, and offer “fast lanes” to preferred partners. For a glimpse of how the internet experience may change, look at what broadband providers are doing under the existing “net neutrality” rules. Continue reading “Net Neutrality: How It Will Change the Internet”

Content Distribution: One of the Biggest Missed Opportunities in Marketing

If there’s one thing I know about marketers, it’s that the best ones are always looking out for ways to improve their strategies. They do everything they can to stay on top of trends, find and use the right marketing tools, and know their limitations and find partners to help when they need it. Continue reading “Content Distribution: One of the Biggest Missed Opportunities in Marketing”

11 Innovative Holiday Marketing Strategies

In the business-to-consumer world, holiday marketing campaigns are in the works as retailers push their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In the B2B space, however, it may be more difficult to incorporate holiday themes into your marketing efforts. It can often feel forced, especially when your clients are already overwhelmed with holiday-related ads from every angle. Continue reading “11 Innovative Holiday Marketing Strategies”

7 Useful Tips to Generate Website Traffic

Online marketing plays a crucial part in the success of any business since most people spend their time online. However, failure to attract the attention to your website can lead to failure. In that line, bringing more traffic is critical since it not only makes a business more popular, but also helps with search engine optimization and as such raising revenue. Some of the useful tips one can use to generate traffic include: Continue reading “7 Useful Tips to Generate Website Traffic”

7 Digital Marketing Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

“I would have written you a shorter letter but I didn’t have the time.”

This quote attributed to many different sources sums up what we are facing in this now very complex world. But keeping it simple and short takes time and effort. Distilling the complex into something that makes sense in one sentence or even a six second video is an art form that is to be treasured. Continue reading “7 Digital Marketing Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore”